Over the past 8 years, dramatic advances have been made in digital display technology, software for content management, distribution and displaying images and video. With these new developments comes more affordable and cost-effective plans for local businesses to take advantage of this explosive new technology.

Digital Signage is a form of narrowcasting on Display Monitors and Indoor Television screens featuring public digital information for schools, businesses and corporations. For retail, digital signage strengthens purchase behavior and encourages customers to act out on their impulse to make unplanned purchases.

This form of media targets your audience with relevant information and allows you to get your message across effectively, conveniently and affordably. At Emcee Communications, we work with small and medium sized businesses in the Rio Grande Valley to set up a digital sign on their existing TV screens. With a digital media player, local video content and customized messages that we create, we can keep the cost down so any business can fit this in their advertising budget.

Pricing starts at $200.00 set up (one time fee) and $40.00 per month for annual contract that includes 2 updates per month and media player attached to your existing TV. This includes 30 minute loop of custom content. Selling ads on your TV display to nearby businesses can offset this expense and even create added revenue.

Contact one of our agents to learn more about digital signage and how this media can fit into your overall marketing strategy.

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