Video Production - Emcee CommunicationsVideo production is the method of creating video by capturing moving images and then mixing parts of the video captured with audio tracks either for live production or post-production to be viewed later through networked TV channels or online through video sharing sites like Youtube and DailyMotion. In most situations the captured video will be stored on electronic media like video tape or hard disk or broadcast live without being recorded.

Basically, video production is the skill and service of developing content and delivering a finished video product. This includes television programs, television commercials, corporate videos, event videos, wedding videos and home videos. A video production can range in size from a single camera man with a prosumer camcorder to a videographer with a sound person, to a multiple-camera shoot in a television studio or on site with a whole television crew with a production company on the back lot of a movie studio.

Emcee Communications is a multimedia company offering video production services for small to medium sized businesses in the Rio Grande Valley area and specializes in creating video for the web. We work with a network of professionals that deliver quality images and video to use for production. From a simple photo motion type presentation with voice over to a full production crew on site with actors, we can deliver an end product to use for local TV and internet marketing to promote your products and services.

We produce videos from photo and video camera capture and add motion graphics and animation in the studio with audio tracks that include voice and music bed. Through our media group we can deliver turnkey video services from creative and scriptwriting, to cinematography, to post-production, motion graphics for online or broadcast delivery. From :30 commercials to training video to a website spokesperson, Emcee Communications can get the job done on time and on budget.

Video is everywhere. According to Cisco, by 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. Video-on-demand traffic will triple. Google “the future of online video” and see for yourself the thousands of articles on this subject. They say that small businesses that fail to include video in their online SEO strategies may do so at their own peril. Nielsen studies show that 64% of online marketers anticipate video to dominate their strategies in the near future. YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month. A well produced video is possible for small businesses since costs have dropped significantly over the past 5 years. By carefully planning and targeting the audience you’re trying to reach, video marketing may very well bring your online presence up to a whole new level.

Call or email Emcee Communications today and find out how affordable and effective our video campaigns can be. We look forward to hearing form you.

Below is a playlist of Photo/Motion video for marketing