Winter Texan TV

In 2002, Winter Texan TV was created and added as a local information channel in RV Resorts across the Valley for Winter Texans. Guests at their residence tune in to this custom channel for amenities of the Property, Valley attractions and events, local video resources from local Chambers, Convention & Visitors Centers, and local organizations.

Winter Texan TV is seen in 5 major RV Resorts
WTTV runs 24/7 and updated monthly October - April

Winter Texans Online

Lost Planet Media is an online publishing house headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas with numerous Destination Websites. Lost Planet started in 1997 and today, with over 1,200 pages and 2,000 articles about Texas, reaches over 300,000 visitors annually as an online magazine to plan their trips and find the information they need during their visit.

Home Page Traffic from September, 2015 to July, 2016
 - 331,571 page views and 230,130 unique visitors -

- Our media group specializes in delivering information to our Winter Texan friends. Emcee Communications works with a network of professionals that deliver cost-effective media solutions to our clients -

- Contact us today to learn more about advertising direct to Winter Texans on custom TV channels in 5 local RV parks in the Rio Grande Valley and Winter Texans Online Magazine -

Download the Winter Texan TV rate sheet
Download the Winter Texans Online rate sheet
View the UT/RGV Winter Texan Report 2015-16

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